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Soothsonic Brush Head 2-Pack

Soothsonic Brush Head 2-Pack

A sonic brush head has never been this soothing. Or effective. We recommend replacing your Soothsonic brush head every 90 days. With our 2-pack, you’ll be covered for 6 months.

Love at first brush
Our brush head’s tear-drop shape perfectly envelops each tooth, removing plaque on and between your teeth, leaving your mouth feeling delightfully fresh.

Smooth performance
When you order our brush heads 2-pack, you’re 
ensuring your Soothsonic maintains peak 
performance for 6 months. 

Crafted in Switzerland
We’re proud partners of Curaprox, based in Switzerland. By working together, we’ve made sure every piece of The Soothonsic is crafted to perfection.

CUREN bristles, matte white finish

Weight and dimensions:
0.1 oz
2.8 x 0.6 in