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Twice All Day Toothpaste Duo Set

What it is:

From teeth whitening and cavity prevention to enamel strength and sensitivity protection, this toothpaste duo delivers. Antioxidant-rich vitamins A, C, & E and aloe vera do more to help soothe gums, promote wellness and create a lasting, healthy environment in your mouth. 

Use Early Bird (wintergreen and peppermint) in the AM and Twilight (peppermint with vanilla and lavender) in the PM.

About Twice:

In 2015, brothers Julian and Cody Levine joined Lenny Kravitz and a team of passionate dentists on a trip that would change their lives. Their mission? To provide free full-service oral care to a community of people without proper access to health care—many of whom suffer from both physical and emotional pain due to their oral hygiene. 10% of Twice's profits are committed to the GLO Good Foundation, bringing healthy smiles to those in need.